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Annual Reports

Annual Reports are a major undertaking for any organisation. They are projects that require input from all departments, and normally include articles on technical, legal and financial topics. Often the Annual Report can feel like a chore and an obligation, something that has to be done. In fact, done well, it is an opportunity to demonstrate to the outside world what is good about your organisation. 


Channelling content


If you really want to engage your audience, you need to write your report in a way that appeals to the reader, not the writer. That is not always easy, as writing for non-expert readers is something your internal colleagues don’t do regularly.


The Brussels Writing Bureau will help you reach your audiences. We tailor your content to grab their attention, turning your annual report into an opportunity to connect with your stakeholders.


We also reduce the workload for you. We can take briefings or drafts from all the contributors to your report, align the writing styles. Then we will make it sharp, punchy and relevant to grab your audiences’ attention.



Channelling delivery


However, there is more to reaching your audience than content. You need to consider how people access information. The days of the organisation dictating the format are gone. Some readers may wish to have a paper report, but increasingly they will look to look online first, or download for later reading or reference. Some may access it via a PC, some on a tablet or handheld – even an eBook.


The content may remain the same, but each channel needs its own layout and has its own technical constraints. However, if you don’t adapt to make your report available in the format that your audience wants, it is a good bet they won’t read it. The Bureau will let you make the most of all these formats, making your report stand out against the background.



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