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Writing services

The Brussels Writing Bureau offers a wide range of writing services.




Overcoming the challenge of a blank page can be difficult. If you don’t have time to write a draft, we can do it for you. You provide us with the briefing materials such as interviews, articles, references, or we can do desk research on your behalf. From this, we will produce a draft of the text. We then work with you to refine this to the finished version.




After you have worked on a document for extended periods, it’s very easy to lose perspective. Our external edit will check not just the grammar, but also the structure, readability and consistency of your writing. We will also ensure it is clear and accessible to an audience that may read English as a second or third language.




Proofreading is normally the last step before publication of a text. It does not involve any editorial changes. It is the process of systematically checking your texts for errors including spelling, punctuation, spacing and inconsistencies in style.


Our copywriting service will prepare your documents for publication, identifying and correcting errors in a Word document or marking up your print proof.




Copywriting is creative content to engage your audience. The content for leaflets, posters, brochures and other promotional materials – including sections of your website – all require copywriting. Our writers can produce copy that is memorable, persuasive and influential.  




The volume of information available nowadays is almost overwhelming. Documents that can convey their core message concisely and succinctly bring real value to readers. We can help you summarise your documents while preserving the essence of your core message.



Website content

How readers approach website content differs dramatically to how they read other content. Visitors rarely read whole pages; instead they scan for specific words and phrases that lead them to specific information. Our writers can develop dedicated website content for you that helps visitors find what they need.



Design and layout

We believe that content is king; however, good design can make your documents stand out from the crowd. We have an in-house designer who can layout documents for print and online use, design logos and enliven presentations. We can also make your print and production process simple and seamless.  



Express turnaround

Good writing takes time. We have all experienced the feeling is a looming deadline and a text, speech or presentation that you're just not comfortable with.  You know the document could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes, but you just don't have time.


We can help. We provide you with a priority document service, editing to a deadline - even overnight in an emergency (although some advance notice is always helpful).

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