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Working with us


It's pretty simple.


If you have an existing text, that you would like us to assess, send it to us. Tell us how you want to use it and the audience you hope to reach. We will give you our honest opinion on how we can help, then you can decide whether to proceed. 


If you haven't progressed that far, or you want someone to draft a document from scratch for you, no problem. Simply call us or email us, and we will set a time to speak and take a brief from you.



How much does it cost?


That depends on what you need. However, because we focus solely on our writing, we are much less expensive than a full service agency.


In addition, we use experienced writers, not junior staff, to do the work. This means our inital copy is already at a higher standard, minimising the time spent on revisions and editing.


Get comfortable with what we can do

If you are unsure about whether to use our services, we are happy to try to convince you of our value.


To see what we can do, why not send us a sample, and tell us the audience you would like to reach. We will give you an honest opinion on what we think you need, then you can decide whether to proceed.


Simply copy/paste a sample of your own text (no more than 200 words, please) directly into the message part of the contact form.


Alternatively, email your Word file to us at: 

Your details were sent successfully!

Questions? Get in touch

Colin Mackay, Managing Director


Tel: +32 473 43 07 52


Skype: ColinBWB


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