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Copy editing

Copy edting is the process of refining an article or document to a finished product. The process usually starts after your first draft is completed. It examines the structure of the document, verifing that it has a logical flow.


It checks for consistency and clarity, ensuring your documents are easy to read and understand. In addition, it looks at whether it meets the needs of the audiences you wish to reach, rather than the needs of the writer.


The Brussels Writing Bureau will check all aspects of your document, to get the most out of your material. We can add a final polish to your article, or we can edit a speech or seminar into a succinct, digestible read.


 Copy editing or translation?


The multi-lingual nature of Brussels creates demand for a specific type of editing. The EU alone has 23 official and six unofficial languages; this means that many documents start out in a different language to the Brussels lingua franca, English.


Whilst there are numerous excellent translation services available, translation is not the same as editing. The translation process favours grammatical accuracy over clarity, leading to awkward, overly formal language. This is often the case even if the text has been properly edited in the original language.


With a team of experienced writers, we will edit your document into accurate, modern English geared to a Brussels audience. If you’re not sure what you need, send us a sample and we will happily tell you what we think.



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