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The advantages of the Bureau

Why a specialist writing service?


Business-wise, Brussels is a big city. Like any big city, there are many agencies - large and small, network and boutique - who stand ready to meet your every need.


In reality, very few of these agencies want to work on content. For many it is low-value, low-reward work.  They see bigger opportunities in developing and executing strategy.  It is often left to junior staff, who lack the relevant knowledge, to write a lot of the content (not that you would realise that from the billing). Sometimes it will be outsourced to freelance writers. All too often, senior staff only get involved at the final stages.

Dedicated to content


We don’t want to be strategists. What we want is to write good copy for our clients. Style without substance doesn't work, so we start with the content. That’s why we only use experienced writers. This way, you get what you need, and the rates you pay reflect that.


Of course, you could use freelance writers. They are - in theory - a wonderful resource. You call on them only when you need them, and they do the nitty-gritty of drafting, writing and editing that you don’t have time for. At the end of the process, some well-crafted copy will emerge.


In practice, relying on freelance writers can be a little more ... complicated.


  • Do they understand the special needs of a Brussels audience?

  • Do they know your sector?

  • Will they be available when you need them?

    • You won't be their only client. If they know your sector, they might already be working for a competitor;

    • If so, they may have a conflict of interest;

  • Will they remain freelance writers?

    • They may decide they want the security of a full-time job;

    • They may take a sabbatical - and they may not tell you beforehand. You will be left high and dry.


Continuity and expertise


The Brussels Writing Bureau removes those difficulties:


  • Our writers know and work in Brussels;

  • We have writers with expertise in all the major sectors;

  • We have sufficient capacity to:

    • Ensure continuity of supply;

    • Avoid conflicts of interest.

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